Northeast Mediation & Arbitration, LLC (NEMA) was founded in 1998, and based on the principle that with hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished. Dennis Calcagno, Esq. brings a combination of real world experience and more than 25 years of legal expertise to the negotiation table, and has successfully mediated thousands of disputes, ranging from simple personal injury matters to complex, multi-party business disputes, civil rights and employment claims. In addition to alternative dispute resolution services, NEMA offers focus group/consultation services as well as case evaluation and trial strategy recommendations. Our case management staff will work with you to determine the resolution method that best suits your client's needs.

NEMA's Philosophy

"Good listening is particularly important for a mediator. It improves your ability to understand others, it shows that you realize you don't have all the answers, and it tells the other person that you value his or her thoughts and opinions. Even if you can’t agree with everything others say or do, your willingness to listen demonstrates respect…but remember that you can't force others to do what's right. If you've done everything within your power to resolve a conflict, you've fulfilled your responsibility to God (Romans 12:18)." Ken Sande