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Animal Law

Horses, livestock and farm practices, and pets, including dogs and cats, are a part of family life and business operations, and carry emotional value along with intrinsic and also fair market value. The specialized statutes and case law regarding these animals is not well understood or even known by most legal practitioners and insurers, and courts and litigants are sometimes equally unprepared in many cases to reach a fair and equitable resolution that is also cost effective for the participants.

Northeastern Mediation & Arbitration LLC, through Kathleen A. Reagan, Esq, a well-known equine law and animal law specialist, have added this special practice area to the mediation services offered.

Among the matters which may be resolved through animal law mediation include the following:

  • Disputes over sales of horses;
  • Disputes over joint ventures with horses and livestock;
  • Disputes over farm practices such as hiring and letting go farm managers and trainers, who often live on site;
  • Neighbor disputes involving animals;
  • Disputes over injuries caused by animals including horses, dogs and cats;
  • Disputes involving injured animals;
  • Escaped livestock that cause or receive injuries; and
  • Divorcing spouses who cannot agree where the pets are going after the divorce.

Litigation and attorney’s fees may not be the best way to resolve these types of disputes, and a mediated resolution offers a shorter, and often better result, for all participants.

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