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With the right mediator or arbitrator, everybody wins….because nobody will lose! Conversely, losing is possible with every case that goes to trial. There’s more money at stake. Relationships, reputations, and livelihoods are at risk.

For twenty-five years, practicing as a mediator and arbitrator, this has been my experience. As the owner of Northeast Mediation & Arbitration, LLC (NEMA), an alternative dispute resolution practice (ADR), I have successfully mediated over 3,500 disputes, with a settlement success rate in excess of 95%, involving diverse legal issues including civil litigation, personal injury, negligence, employment, medical and legal malpractice, wrongful death, sexual abuse, products liability, divorce, family, and probate, automobile and UM cases, real estate, premises, property, business, and commercial. I also have experience mediating cases involving insurance coverage, civil rights, police misconduct, maritime accidents, first party property and casualty reference hearings, government, and complex multi-party litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is often the best chance to work out a structured settlement and non-monetary considerations that can enhance a settlement’s value, and provide a plaintiff with benefits that a law suit generally does not provide. ADR provides quick resolution, and often resolves claims for much less than the total cost of traditional jury trial. Claims are resolved with the assistance of a mediator, who is experienced in evaluation of such claims, thus bringing such cases to fair resolution.

In addition to alternative dispute resolution services, NEMA offers focus group and consultation services, case evaluations, and trial strategy recommendations. I work with you to determine the best resolution method that suits your client’s needs. What do you have going to pre-trial conference or trial in the next few months?

Call NEMA to discuss mediation and arbitration options to avoid a risky and expensive trial.