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  • Attorney Dennis J. Calcagno, Esq.
  • Attorney Dennis J. Calcagno, Esq.

    Locally Born & Raised
    Born in Quincy, Massachusetts, He is a 1975 graduate of Northeastern University and a 1985 graduate from New England Law, both in Boston. He has worked as an attorney in private practice with other associates, concentrating in matters of civil litigation, civil rights, and personal injury trials.

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  • Sue Calcagno

    Sue Calcagno, who is Dennis Calcagno’s sister-in-law, has served as the Legal Assistant for Northeast Mediation & Arbitration LLC (NEMA) since January 2012.  Sue is the principal assistant to and scheduler for Dennis Calcagno. She also handles bookkeeping and various administrative duties for NEMA.

    Prior to joining NEMA, Sue served as a paralegal with several law firms within the South Shore area.

  • Amy Cashore Mariani

    Amy Cashore Mariani is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Boston College Law School. After a 20+ year career trying personal injury, employment, and business cases with several prominent firms in the Greater Boston area, she turned her attention full-time to mediation in 2016.

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