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Amy Cashore Mariani has been assisting individuals and companies in resolving conflict for over twenty years, first during her career as a trial attorney, and then as a trained mediator, arbitrator, conciliator, facilitator, and adjunct law school faculty member. Through dialogue and separate reflection, she assists parties in prioritizing interests and assessing potential resolutions. She tailors her approach to each case based on the parties’ unique needs and circumstances.

Amy has over twenty years of experience as a trial attorney. After graduating from Boston College Law School, she worked for a general practice firm representing the interests of individuals and small businesses in personal injury, employment, and contracts cases. She then worked for several nationally recognized firms on product liability and employment matters before becoming a partner at New England’s premier minority and women owned law firm, where she handled personal injury, products liability, commercial, employment, and wage and hour claims.

Amy received extensive training in mediation, arbitration, facilitation, and conciliation at MCLE, AAA, the Community Dispute Settlement Center, and through After completing a practicum with the Community Dispute Settlement Center, she joined their panel of neutrals in 2014. She has mediated personal injury, employment, wage and hour, and commercial disputes involving individuals, small businesses, and the largest of corporations. She is a member of the AAA Arbitration Consumer Panel. She has taught mediation as an adjunct faculty member at New England Law. She was selected as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2017-2020. She is a certified Online Mediator on

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